Did The System Collapse? (Current)

When the Corona Virus Pandemic Scare started making headlines early last spring, the premium on physical gold soared. Before the scare, you could get a 1 ounce Gold Eagle for about $75.00 over spot – a mere 6% premium. But by late April the premium hit a high of of $230.00 (almost 14%).

Why do I call my site “Did The System Collapse?”

Do you remember the website Didthesystemcollapse.com? This was a site that compared the physical gold price in the East to the “paper” gold price in the west. The purpose was to see when the prices got so out of whack that there was a problem in the monetary system.

I don’t know what happened to that site, but it is no longer working. So, I decided to set up a similar site where I compare the spot and physical price of gold in the US by using the Ebay price for physical and the spot price on Goldprice.org.

In addition to the gold physical/spot premium I am also posting updates about the physical silver premium, the physical gold/silver ratio and the Shanghai vs. Spot Gold premium/discount.

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